Welcome to Mikes Tattoo Studio

Our highly rated and widely respected tattoo and body piercing studio is based in London Road Carlisle. Over the course of the last four decades we've become the number one choice for those wanting tattoos, body piercing or laser tattoo removal work carrying out.

We pride ourselves on offering a true A - Z range of services. The incredibly talented artists who call our studio their home are capable of carrying out any type of work or service that you require. When it comes to tattoos and body piercing, our motto is if it can be done then we can do it the best.

As well as all types of tattoos, our vast range of services some of the most popular work we do includes -

  • Lip Line Tattoos
  • Eyeliner Tattoos
  • Eyebrow Tattoos
  • Cosmetic Tattoos
  • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Permanent Laser Hair Removal
  • Tattoo Repair
  • Face Piercings
  • Body Piercings

If you are looking for something specific - or want to explore ideas - you're always welcome to get in touch with us. Please feel free to give us a call, to drop by the studio or to reach out to us on our vibrant social media accounts.

Our Services

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Body Piercing

Clinically clean, safe and professional equipment is always used to give you the perfect piercing.
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From old school cool through to Japanese, Tribal and bespoke designs we give you the tattoo you want.
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Laser Removal

Time to clean the canvas for something new? We carry out world class work in tattoo removal.